Meet Josie from Monash Youth Ambassadors

Published on 15 July 2022


I joined YABS - Monash Youth Ambassadors - in 2020 after feeling that I needed to do something to contribute to the world, and to my community. After some research, I signed up for the waitlist, forgot about it, and was pleasantly surprised 6 months later when I was accepted! It seemed like an amazing opportunity to fulfil that feeling, so I started at YABS on Zoom and have been here since.

In YABS, we are able to support and benefit the community with our diverse group of volunteers. By understanding the needs of the community, we are able to provide awesome opportunities for connection, creativity, and continual growth, all with an integral youth focus. I have really enjoyed responding to the results of our biennial survey with specialised projects to address the important issues which arose - such as Talking Trees to connect people and nature across Monash, and the Debunking Stress Podcast targeted at those doing exams to help with their study.

While being a part of YABS, I have developed crucial skills in communication, collaboration, brainstorming, and project management. As I continue to meet new people and take on exciting opportunities, I am able to expand my skill set and have fun all the while.

Monash Youth Ambassadors is a space in which young people have the scope to bring their unique passions and skills and use them to benefit our community, while making new friends and developing their skills in so many areas. It gives you the opportunity to make change in your community and, as Dr. Jane Goodall says, "act locally". I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to act for the world in whatever small ways they can to investigate YABS, and to bring their amazing skills to the table in our strive for innovation and inspiration in Monash.

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