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  • When: Wednesday's from 4pm - 6pm
  • Where: Jordanville Community Centre

    90 Power Ave, Chadstone 3148

If you are interested in joining this program or would like more information, please complete this brief Expression of Interest Form.

Activate is a free recreational program for young people who live, study, and play in the City of Monash.

It runs every week during school terms and offers games and activities in a supportive, supervised and safe environment where young people can have fun, learn skills and make friends.  Snacks and hot food are also provided. 

Activate is for young people aged 10-17 years, and Monash Youth Services also runs a MYzone program for young people aged 8-13 years.

Where does Activate happen?

Jordanville Community Centre, 90 Power Ave, Chadstone.


When does Activate happen?

Activate is open Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm, except on public holidays and school holidays.  Activate occasionally organises social outings during the school holidays as well.

Why did it come about?

Monash Youth Services has an ongoing commitment to the young people who have strong links with the City of Monash. All projects and activities are developed and coordinated in partnership with the Activate Yong Advisors to make sure their ideas and opinions are included.

For more information contact Monash Youth Services on 9518 3900 or send an email to


Participant Testimonials

"It’s nice to go somewhere after school to have fun and hang out with friends without the hassle of organizing somewhere ourselves to have fun"

"I love the community at Activate. It is very inclusive and has lots of fun ways to get to know people, learn about the world, and develop new skills."

"Activate is a very respectful place for any people that go there or want to participate..."

"I like the Activities and the parts where I can meet new people."

"...we are altogether and work as a team, and the workers are there to support..."

"I like how nice everyone is."

Guardian Testimonials

"Activate has been and will be a valuable program for both my children... Being a member of this group has empowered them both to be vocal and confident as well as respectful of their peers and valued as individuals..."

"I believe my daughter is a much more confident and engaged young woman because of her involvement at Activate. There is plenty of variety in activities. She has chosen to engage in leadership, mental health programs, and community activities. She has loved the holiday day out because for us finances have been tight... She has loved the program and thrived because of it."

"It has been a wonderful consistent social connection... particularly because, during Stage 4 restrictions, our children's social networks were reduced severely. I have seen a noticeable increase in both their confidence levels when it comes to speaking up, being heard and listening skills."

" I believe that it has given her the social outlet she needed, as she was starting to regress and isolate in her room the longer the second lockdown continued. Having the responsibility to attend Activate Zooms, and the social structure provided each week helped her feel less despondent."


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