Homelessness Outreach

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The Monash Youth Services Team provides assertive outreach to community members experiencing homelessness within City of Monash. As part of this service, we engage directly with community members who are sleeping rough to provide them with:

  • Information and supported referrals to both housing and material aid services.
  • Access to a shower
  • Offer material aid, such as swags, warm jackets and sleeping bags.

Speak with housing services

You can get help to find crisis accommodation by calling 1800 825 955 (free call, 24 hours). A housing and support worker will take your call. They will refer you to the housing service in your local area. If you call out of business hours, you will be connected to the Salvation Army Crisis Services.

Speak with a council officer 

If you’re at risk of homelessness, currently experiencing homelessness or know someone who is, call Monash Youth Services on 9518 3900 to speak with our Homelessness Support Officer.