Talking Trees


What is the Talking Trees project?

Supported by the Victorian Government and Victorian Youth Week 2020, Talking Trees was a collaborative project that encouraged young people aged 10 - 25 to adopt local trees throughout the City of Monash.  Each ‘Tree Guardian’ was provided with the opportunity to voice their opinions on what a sustainable future for Monash looks like through an exciting digital platform.  Adopted trees have been labelled in the community using QR codes that connect back to online profiles, giving voice to young people and nature. 

This project aims to not only support Monash’s Carbon Net Zero 2025 commitment, but also raise the voice of local young people about their passion and commitment to a sustainable future in Monash.

Click here to explore our Tree Guardian profiles.

Get involved

Registrations are now closed to become a Tree Guardian for Talking Trees.

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Who is behind Talking Trees?

2020 Monash Youth Ambassadors (YABS) strived to provide positive social service to the Monash community.  A group of 10 – 25 year olds, worked together to amplify the voices of local young people by listening to their concerns and responding with direct action. Talking Trees was just one of many projects that YABS developed and facilitated based on the 2019 Monash Youth Report(PDF, 2MB) and #MYaction2020 campaign.

Sustainable Monash coordinates the delivery of actions under the City of Monash Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016 - 2026. The strategy prioritises seven key areas: built environment, urban ecology, climate change, waste & resource management, integrated water management, partnerships & leadership and education, engagement & reporting. The team works to integrate sustainability practices into Council operations, as well as its community programs and services.

Precious Plastic Monash is a volunteer student team that aims to reduce plastic pollution by building and empowering a global community to use plastic as a precious resource. As one branch of the global Precious Plastic movement, they operate through the lens of community, education and design. The scope of team's operations are far reaching from designing and fabricating plastic recycling machines, to creating thoughtful products from recycled plastic and plastic alternatives and working with the community to increase education around the plastic problem.