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Published on 20 June 2022

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On Friday 3 June Quiksound Productions and Monash Youth Services hosted Monash’s Got Talent 2022 at the Mount Waverley Youth Centre. The night showcased 11 young talented performers including, bands, singers, dancers and martial artists. We would like to thank and congratulate all the finalists for their amazing acts. After the event we reached out to the winners, newly formed band ‘The Ahems’ to learn more about them and what they have planned for the future, read more below:

When did The Ahems form and how did you come up with the name?

We formed as VCE VET Music band at school at the beginning of this year, and our teacher put us together as a group! We as a band are guilty of being really indecisive with our decisions in song choices, and as you guessed it, band names. We were coming up to our first ever performance as a band and still didn’t have a name, so we made a joke one lesson that we could cover up our name with a cough and that’s when The Ahems were born! Although that isn’t our official name yet!

How often do The Ahems practice?

We try to get as much practice as we can in school time whilst balancing it with our other subjects. It varies from week to week. Sometimes we practice many days a week for a few hours, but sometimes we don’t even play for a few weeks!

What inspired you to apply for Monash’s Got Talent?

We found Monash’s Got Talent as our music teacher sent us the information and encouraged the bands to join in! It caught our attention, and we all decided to apply! We sent through a video of a performance we had done a few weeks prior and hoped for the best. When we got sent the email saying we were one of the finalists, we were over the moon, but obviously stressed on what to wear!

What is next for The Ahems?

We are hoping to apply to some more competitions and get some more gigs where we can show the people who we are and get our band out there in the music industry! We are currently working on writing our first original song that we are hoping will be successful! If you want to come along with us on our musical journey, you can follow us on Instagram at @the_ahems_

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