First Featured Artist Program

Published on 05 December 2022


Come check out our first Featured Artist’s mural in our youth space!

Nivedha Ramanathan is 14 year old, self-taught artist who works across a range of mediums.

“I’ve been doing different types of art for most of my life ever since I was 6. At 10 I started to explore the use of digital art, and started to receive opportunities to share my work with the community.
The first piece I shared was a custom book cover for a short story author in England in 2021,and another for my year 6 teacher, which was a drawing of her two dogs."

Nivedha has lived in Monash since her family migrated to Melbourne in 2011 and is also a member of the Monash Youth Ambassadors. 

FAP 1.jpg

FAP 2.jpg