Monash Youth Ambassadors



  • Monash Youth Ambassadors (YABS) will not continue in 2023
  • A review of the program found that the YABS duplicates opportunities and outcomes provided by other MYS programs
  • Monash Young People can still get involved with their community through the many other programs and activities that MYS provides

The Monash Youth Ambassadors program was initially established to enable young people to volunteer their time to consult with other young people so their voices, feedback and ideas could be effectively communicated to Council. The program evolved to include analysis of the consultation data, development and delivery of responsive activities and a leadership component.

Youth Ambassadors has achieved many things over the years, notably their involvement with Youth Survey in 2021 consulting with an incredible 1396 young people. In addition, YABS have been responsible for projects developed in response to the data such as the “Spill the Green Tea” podcasts series focused on climate change and online scams.

Young people interested in: consultation, peer leadership, exposure to formal meeting processes, development and delivery of short term projects and events, connection to peers, and building transferable/enterprise skills (e.g., problem solving, communication, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, etc.), are encouraged to explore the other programs that MYS are currently delivering.

Alternatively, bookmark our website or follow us on social media @monashyouthservices to find out about upcoming opportunities including short term programs and the 2023 Youth Survey.

Monash Youth Ambassadors achievements in recent years: 

Our Strength is In Our Diversity poster

In 2018, YABS challenged stereotypes by consulting with the community and creating a thought provoking poster which was display throughout Monash at bus shelters.  YABS also developed a Monash Youth Services inclusivity statement to acknowledge and prioritise an inclusive and accepting environment for all ages, genders, abilities, races, religions, sexualities and cultures. The inclusivity statement is still regularly used by Monash Youth Services.



#RaiseYourHand4MonashYouth campaign

In 2018, YABS involved in the #RaiseYourHand4MonashYouth campaign, featuring a powerful video of young people speaking about the effects of mental health issues on the youth of Monash. They also created a unique banner featuring their handprints to symbolise the many young people in Monash reaching out for help and support for the mental health issues they are facing.



#MYaction2020 campaign

In 2020, YABS launched the #MYaction2020 campaign, providing education, advocacy and community action in response to the needs of Monash young people, as identified in the 2019 Youth Survey Report. Young people had a chance to look after themselves and the environment by taking on the 30 Days of Health and Well-being Challenge and the 14 Day Sustainability Challenge. Some of the actions included “reach out and check in on a friend”, “spend 5 minutes in the sun”, “collect and recycle soft plastics”, and “collect and reuse your shower water”.  



2021 Debunking 5 myths in 5 days podcasts 

In 2021, dealing with stress was one of the top concerns for Monash young people. Reflected on their own experience, YABS created five podcast episodes to debunk the common myths about stress and provided useful tips, featuring Dr Glen Melvin, an Associate Professor and clinical and counselling psychologist from Deakin University. 



2022 MYS gaming project

In 2022, YABS used the popularity of gaming as a means of starting to break down social barriers and combat the loneliness and disconnection that has been building amongst young people in Monash, particularly during the challenging years of COVID-19 isolation, as identified in the 2021 Monash Youth Survey. 


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