School Focused Youth Service


School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) Monash is available to support students between Grade 5 and Year 12 who are attending school but are vulnerable to, or showing signs of, disengaging from education.

SFYS is available to support students across government, catholic and independent schools. SFYS can support schools in the following ways:

  • Targeted interventions to provide opportunities for these students to improve their social and emotional skills and foster greater self-esteem, develop more positive attitudes towards learning, and experience success.
  • Build the capacity of teachers and support staff to better understand and respond to disengaged students.
  • SFYS may also work with the families as part of targeted interventions or capacity building projects to ensure these students receive the additional support they need to remain engaged in their education.

Support for parents and carers:

 Monash School Focused Youth Services partnered with Associate Professor Dr Glenn Melvin from Deakin University to deliver a series of Capacity Building workshops with school staff across the City of Monash. The workshops provided practical resources to staff on how to best support students at risk of school refusal or experiencing school anxiety.

 The following videos provide a brief snapshot to parents and carers on the challenges faced by students who are school refusing or have anxiety issues.

School Anxiety

  • What is anxiety?
  • Signs of Anxiety
  • Triggers of Anxiety
  • What can a parent / carer do?
  • When to seek help?
  • Where to seek help?


 School Refusal

  • What is school refusal?
  • Triggers of school refusal
  • Addressing the issues underlying the refusal
  • Achievable steps to return to school
  • Where to get support?

About Dr Glenn Melvin

Associate Professor Glenn Melvin is a clinical psychologist at the Deakin University Department of Psychology and an honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, UK. Glenn has a research and clinical interest in school attendance problems. He was a director and clinician at the School Refusal Program at Monash Medical Centre which investigated the efficacy of treatments for school refusal. He provides clinical consultation to services on the management of school attendance problems.

These videos were developed by Dr Glenn Melvin for Monash School Focused Youth Services with funding from the Department of Education and Training . 


For more information on School Focused Youth Service please contact Tim Moran, School Focused Youth Service Coordinator on 9518 3900 or 0427 401 757 or email [email protected]

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Last updated: 21 October 2019