All School's Leadership Program

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The City of Monash All Schools Leadership Program is a much anticipated annual event run in May by Monash Council’s Youth Services team (MYS).  Each year every secondary school in the City of Monash is invited to nominate 2 year 10 (or equivalent) students who show leadership potential to participate – no formal leadership experience is required!

 Students come together to participate in this FREE, fun, interactive, five day workshop to:

 Develop their knowledge and skills in group development, leadership styles, effective communication, public speaking, working with diversity, online leadership, project management, bystander intervention strategies, mental health first aid and stress management.  All of which are great skills to add to a resume!

  • Participate in a range of hands on activities and challenges that will provide students with opportunities to practice their new skills, receive constructive feedback and build up their confidence in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Learn about opportunities in their community where they can apply this knowledge and these skills in real life situations.
  • Make new friends, learn from other’s experiences and ignite each other’s passion to have a positive impact on others in the community. 


  •  “On the first day there we were unsure what to expect.  We were certain it would just be another program that didn’t really mean anything.  We were wrong.  We were also certain that we would not talk to anyone and make no friends.  We were wrong there too… It was an extraordinary experience.”  2017 participants from Oakleigh Grammar
  • “I’d never thought of myself as being a leader before.  I never thought I could make a difference to anyone.  I learnt that there is a lot more to me than I first thought…and public speaking is nowhere near as scary as I thought it was!”  2016 participant from Berengarra
  •  “We had a once in a lifetime experience that has impacted our lives positively. Despite being there for only five days, we made many new friends from different schools.  The program introduced us to many concepts that we can apply at school and in the greater community:” 2017 participants from Wellington Secondary College
  • “I felt shy at first but I made new friends and enjoyed all the activities.” 2017 participant from Glenallen School


For more information about the All Schools Leadership Program please contact Monash Youth Services on (03) 9518 3900 or email 

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Last updated: 14 March 2018