Young Women's Leadership Group

 30 January 2017

Young Women's Leadership pic.jpg

The Young Women’s Leadership Program is a crash course made by inspiring women for inspiring women. A closer-knit learning environment to discover or improve our skills of communication, self acceptance and of course, leadership; in 8 weeks we tackled topics like: bullying, motivation, mental illness and how to become powerful women in the workplace (or in any environment really) without sacrificing our humanity in the process;

The program introduced us to guest speakers with incredible back stories who opened our hearts to the issues surrounding the world, such as culture stereotypes and gender inequality; they taught us how to overcome hardships, grief and anti-feminists in our own generation, and the differences that these/our influences can make for generations to come,

 8 weeks of being a part of this program showed me how to reconnect with my leadership skills, how to build quality relationships and gave me guidance to creating a sustainable future for myself.

I recommend this program to everyone who wants to witness a girl become a Queen, right from day one. 

 -        Afreen  :]