Young Women's Leadership Program Review

 29 May 2018

YWLP web pic.jpg

The Young Women’s Leadership program captured the true reality of the impact that women can have in this world if they are given an opportunity to discuss issues and create solutions. The atmosphere of every session was exciting as every young woman had a similar interest of being educated on the matters of our society. With the different opinions that each individual had, due to their cultural background, life experiences, upbringing and so forth, you are constantly challenged to re-evaluate what you stood for previously.

 With the comfort of delicious snacks and warm-hearted mentors, you are made to feel relaxed and eliminate the fear of not wanting to contribute to discussions. Each session touched upon difficult yet interesting topics, that are usually not discussed on a daily basis, in a careful and educated manner, allowing you to feel equipped with knowledge and excitement by the end. The program does not fail to elevate your need to want to participate within society and have the confidence to approach every situation in your life in a confident manner. Truly by the end you are shown that every woman is a leader no matter what status or position they uphold, but due to the way they approach all the challenges and successes in their life. 

 by Tino Munyanyiwa