Public Transport Victoria

 19 March 2018

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Hello, my name is Wesley Chen, and I am a member of the Monash Youth Ambassadors.

In the last Youth Action Plan, we had a successful outcome in terms of having the voices of young people living in Monash City heard. We consulted across various parts of Monash and surveyed young people aged 10 – 25. We received a range of responses and identified some key themes, including the costly price of public transport. We took action and found out that people in Monash use trains and buses mainly for traveling to school.

If you are a young person and use public transport regularly, chances are that there is a discount out there for you. PTV offers different travel benefits such as discounts for:

  • Children & teenagers
  • Students
  • Health care card holders
  • Asylum seekers
  • Disability support pensioners.

Be aware of your rights with ticket prices. It may just be a few dollars difference but each month, it’s accumulative and you may end up saving $100s. Save money and find out what ticket discounts you are eligible for.

For specific ticket prices, here is the link for more info:


Key information:

Primary and secondary school students aged 5 to 18 can travel on a Child myki. If you're aged 17 and 18 you must carry government issued proof of age ID (such as a passport, learner permit, driver licence, Proof of Age card, Key Pass), or proof of another concession entitlement (such as a PTV School Student ID or Health Care Card).