Job Seeking Skills Workshop Review

 27 November 2017

Resume news pic.jpg

Monash Youth Services (MYS) recently held a Job Seeking Skills Workshop for young people aged 15-20 who wanted to become more informed about how to secure a job. This workshop was delivered because young people in the City of Monash ranked employment and careers as one of their biggest concerns in the recent MYS Youth Action Plan Survey.

MYS youth worker Karen McMahon gave an informed, thoroughly-made and engaging presentation about the job seeking process and City of Monash Human Resources officer Kate Taborska offered her expertise in hiring workers, with anecdotes and advice. Each participant was given a file folder containing extremely useful resources that would continue to help them after the workshop was over. During the workshop, the participants would share their questions and experiences in pertinent discussion. They would also respond to real job advertisements and position descriptions. One reason that the workshop was very encouraging was because, with the facilitators’ guidance, the audience would demonstrate to themselves how they would proceed in obtaining a job.  

 Every step about job seeking was touched upon:
- How to find job vacancies, while selecting a suitable role and being open to new experiences
- Understanding superannuation and taxes
- How to prepare a resume and cover letter and respond to selection criteria
- How to prepare and present yourself in an interview 
- What are our rights as an employee and where to seek legal advice

As a youth myself, I would like to thank Karen McMahon, Kate Taborska , MYS and Monash public libraries for making the workshop accessible to youths. This Job Seeking Skills Workshop was free to participate in and was offered at 3 different public libraries in the City of Monash.  

I highly recommend this program as it takes out most of the guess-work and nerves out of job seeking.

Reviewed by Stephanie, Workshop Participant