Interview with Tim

 06 February 2018

Tim News Pic.jpg

-How are you involved with Monash Youth Services (MYS)?

I am a part of the Quiksound committee, a group of volunteers aged 12-21 who help run, and manage events in the Monash area. I have been a part of Quiksound for over 2 years and enjoyed every moment of it.

 -How has being involved in the program helped you to achieve your goals?

It has helped me achieve a minor goal of mine which was to learn how everything works behind the scenes, whether it be something small such as an email or something complicated like a risk management document.

 -Tell us about a time you have taken on a new opportunity or challenge?

I’d have to go with the first time I MC’d for Quiksound, it was very daunting for me to step up in front of everyone and speak as I am not someone who has had any experience with public speaking. It wasn’t the best but I’m glad I did because now I can speak to crowds with much more ease, in contrast to before.

 -Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream every day for the rest of your life?

Pizza, simply because it is much more of a balanced meal and more variety.

 -What is your favourite piece of music, movie or television show at the moment?

At the moment I would have to go with the older episodes of The Simpsons, I find there to be a plethora of humour to be found within each episode, which makes it something to be adored.

 -Do you have any advice for other young people thinking about getting involved in their community?

Do it. It’s a lot more fun than you’d expect and a great way to get connected to the community. If you are looking to get involved but not exactly sure, you can try the Monash Youth Services website.