Clayton Festival was a smash hit!!

 22 March 2017

Clayton Fest news pic.jpg

On February 12 2017, Quiksound hosted the Youth Zone at the annual Clayton Festival. The main stage was jam-packed with performers from start to finish and began with last year’s Quiksound Battle of the Band winners – The Fuse. Their enthusiastic pop-punk performance could be heard from down the street and drew in visitors from all over the festival – it was the perfect way to open the Youth Zone for the afternoon.

Later on in the day we had Bieber-inspired Aydan Calafiore and Burmese singer Ariel charm the audience with their vocals. Two workshops were conducted to give the crowd a taste of music and dance. First off was African drummer Ronny Ferella, who provided an intimate tutorial to a small group up on stage. Hip hop crew TriStep led the second workshop, meeting onlookers with beaming grins, catchy music and high-energy. Participants were given the opportunity to pop, lock and dance like the stars of Step Up by learning a fun routine.

Another highlight was the giant Connect Four and Jenga sets which entertained toddlers and adults alike, allowing pairs to battle it out for the chance to win a JB Hi-Fi gift card! Kids were delighted to visit the badge-making station where they could choose a design (including the ever-popular Superman or rainbow pictures!) or create their very own to be turned into a badge by our hard-working crew. While the kids were busy playing games or making badges, parents could choose to take a break from the hustle and bustle by having an intricate pattern drawn on their hand by a traditional henna artist.

The weather took a surprising turn with the clouds clearing and sunshine sparkling down on our zone for a few hours and the day was an enormous amount of fun for visitors of all ages. We can’t wait for next year!